Interesting facts about the City of London, Cheapside and One New Change


  • The City – the world’s leading financial and business centre - has the unusual ratio of 40 times more workers than residents 
  • The Square Mile is a location like no other – linked to a staggering one in six jobs in the capital
  • The City has 12,000 firms, 7,855 of which are in finance or business - there are 264 foreign banks and 618 legal firms
  • 340,000 people work in the City of London, and 112,000 of those are based within a 10 minute walk of One New Change
  • 69% of workers  in the City are aged 20-39 - and 18% are 40-49 years old
  • 9, 200 people currently live locally within the City (80,000 living on the fringes) 
  • Of the 12.95 million annual footfall at St Paul’s station, 5.1 million (39%) occurs outside peak commuting times. 32% of off-peak exit and entries are at weekends
  • One New Change stands at 560,000 sq feet (52,024 sq metres) and is the equivalent of just over 12 football pitches, with 220,000 sq feet of retail space and 330,000 sq feet office space
  • One New Change will be home to 3,000 office workers
  • The external cladding is made up of 6,500 glass panels of different sizes and shapes, of which 4,300 are individually hand crafted
  • Once finished, half a kilometre of perimeter wall will have been built and 330,000 bricks will have been laid (at its peak, 12,000 bricks were delivered every week)