Sustainability has been central in the design of One New Change, which has reduced its carbon footprint by at least 10% through the use of renewable sources on site. This equates to a saving of around 900 tonnes of C02 emissions annually. The development has maximised its energy efficiency through the use of large-scale geothermal heating technology. This system means One New Change can be heated and cooled with extreme ease simply by using geothermal energy. Drilling to a depth of 150 metres, Land Securities has installed a ground source energy system which is the largest commercial application of the technology in Europe. As a result, One New Change has received an ‘excellent’ sustainability rating under BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), which measures the environmental impact of buildings.

The exterior skin of the building, with its pioneering glass coated in solar control glazing, limits heat gain which in turn reduces the amount of cooling required during the warmer months. The design has also set an air tightness target for the façade, which exceeds the current minimum requirements, to prevent heat escaping.

To relieve congestion and minimise the impact on the local community, One New Change has the largest single basement within the City at two levels below ground for deliveries to be made for both office and retail.

Contrasting with the polished interior and hustle and bustle of retail adrenaline inside, outside there is a sunken garden, an oasis of leafy calm on the busy corner of Cheapside and New Change along with ‘Green roof’ areas - a series of stepped terraces - that will encourage biodiversity in the centre of London.